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How JanParichay Auth Works?

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Type of Integration JanParichay Offers

Open API

Client Integration Framework through offered Application Programming Interfaces (API) Web Service enables Parichay to provide secure access to respective backend services. This well-defined gateway service is consistent across all backend services, regardless of the service implementation.


OAuth2.0 is an authorization framework that enables applications to obtain limited access to the user accounts on an HTTP-based service. It works by delegating user authentication to the service that hosts the user account and provides authorization to the third-party applications to access the user account.


SAML 2.0 enables Jan Parichay to provide user authentication or authorization information to respective backend services through SAML assertion. The assertion is encrypted or digitally signed and verified by the Jan Parichay IdP.

How JanParichay executes Integration?

Firstly, the client service will have to fill up the form of “Requirements to Avail JanParichay.” After that, the JanParichay support team will provide a JanParichay Proxy. Ahead of the integration process, client service has to configure their service and launch the Parichay Proxy. Then, certain processes like Login, Logout, Timeout, Token Validation, and Handshaking will be performed by the client service to set up the environment.

A checklist will be verified by the JanParichay support team and post-successful confirmation, the service will be live. Client service can choose any of the three integration methods i.e. Open API, SAML, and OAuth as per their convenience.

Benefits of Integration

Two step multi-factor authentication

Comprehensive user authentication using a secondary factor like OTP, Backup Code, Tap, or Token

Real-time analytics

An analytical dashboard to keep track of user activities and reduce suspicious actions

Seamless App Integration Process

JanParichay implements a uniform flow of integration

Personalized Integration Methods

Robust integration methods: SAML 2, Open API, and OAuth 2 to support versatile application environments

Top-notch Service Availability

A cluster environment and multiple servers enhance the accessibility of integrated service


Application owners can set up the virtual boundaries for the users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Application owners having a JanParichay account can fill the application form to integrate their application with JanParichay-MeriPehchaan following few easy steps.
Following are some of the key benefits of becoming a JPPartner:
  • JanParichay-MeriPehchaan helps expanding the reach of applications by providing seamless and secure user authentication and authorization service.
  • The platform offers online/offline user migration strategy using pluggable Authentication Store.
  • User authorization based on various verification parameters.
  • Service configured Geofencing.
  • OAuth2.0 support for mobile app authentication
  • Open API based authentication
  • SAML 2.0 support
Support team can take up to 48 hours to approve your application integration request after successful verification of the data you have filled in "Organization Signup Form" at the time of registration.
Click here to download the service registration user manual and follow the steps to register your service on JanParichay-MeriPehchaan.